June 16, 2024

The obvious example: Lotus. We’re talking parts from different companies, not parts from within the same company just a different brand..

Evora, Exige, Elise, Emira…

2GR-FE engine and the EA60/U660E transmission, straight from Toyota.

Brake Switch: GM/Saab 51 06 141

CHMSL: MG Rover XFG000140

Slave Cylinder: Toyota 31470-12190

Door Hinges: 1998 Ford Focus

Headlight Washer Nozzle: Mercedes-Benz W163 1998-2005

Dome Light: VAUXHALL ASTRA/GM/Chevy Spark 13126729

HID Ballast: 03-05 Audi A4 / S4 89030471

Parking brake shoes: Peugeot 406

Window Switches: Vauxhall Astra h MkV

Power Miror Switch: Ford 1S7T-17B676-AA

The actual side mirrors: Toyota

Air Intake Box: Toyota

TCU and ABS: Audi Bosche Med9.1

Steering column: 2001-2003 Ford Focus (includes clock spring, turn signal and wiper stalks)

Manifolds/Catalytic Converters: shares with many Toyota RAV4/Sienna/Camry/etc

Front AP Brakes on 2017+: shared with McLaren, I think 570S

Wheel Speed Sensors: 2002-2008 Jaguar X-types

2017+ DRLs: Nolden (NCC) NSV-022 (used on many brands)

Blower motor: GM

Many other electronics and connectors are Audi/VW

And plenty more…

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