June 23, 2024

An Archer eVTOL craft

An Archer eVTOL craft
Photo: Giuseppe Cacace/AFP (Getty Images)

One of the companies trying to mainstream the usage of so-called electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicles got a key go-ahead from the Federal Aviation Administration. The company, Archer Aviation, which has been trying to help create a market for the aircraft as emissions-free flying taxis, announced Wednesday that it received permission to begin operating them commercially as part of a broader testing regimen.

“We are honored to receive the Part 135 Air Carrier & Operator Certificate from the FAA, which is another important stepping stone on the way to commencing commercial air taxi operations with our Midnight aircraft,” CEO Adam Goldstein said in a statement. “This milestone reflects our team’s unwavering dedication to safety and operational excellence as we stand up one of the world’s first electric air taxi services for communities across the U.S. with a safe, sustainable and low noise transportation solution.”

United Airlines, which announced in 2022 that it had put a down payment on 100 of Archer’s vehicles, congratulated the company. Last year, Quartz profiled Archer and Goldman and explored the company’s plans. Ultimately, the company said at the time, “at launch, passengers can expect to pay a price comparable to the cost of a vehicle ride-sharing service to the same destination.”

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