June 12, 2024

Sick woman with nausea in the airplane.

No, this woman was not on the flight.
Photo: Ivan-balvan (Getty Images)

More than two dozen passengers on a United Airlines flight from Vancouver to Houston who were previously on a cruise puked so much on the plane that it had to be taken out of service for deep cleaning. No, this isn’t the plot of “Airplane!”

Thirty of the 75 cruise passengers onboard the United 737 Max 8 started puking their guts up after getting flu-like symptoms in the middle of their flight to the Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. We can only assume it ruined the experience of the 163 passengers and six crew members on board. They were met with emergency responders on the ground, according to the Daily Mail. Three of the pukers were evaluated at the scene, but it was determined that none of them required medical attention. Now, the plane has been pulled from United’s rotation as it undergoes a very-needed deep cleaning.

USA Today spoke with United about the incident, and this is what the airline had to say:

“Several passengers who had been on the same cruise and did not feel well were on United Flight 1528 from Vancouver to Houston Friday night,” United told USA TODAY in an emailed statement. The airline did not answer a question about what cruise line or ship the flyers had been traveling on before their flight.

“United Airlines is actively coordinating with health authorities to address the situation,” the airline’s statement continued. “As a precautionary measure, the aircraft will be removed from service and go through a deep cleaning before returning to service. Ensuring the health and safety of our passengers and crew remains our top priority.”

This is just the latest instance of air travel being an absolute nightmare. We’ve recently reported on how turbulence is actually getting worse, a naked man running through the isle of a Virgin Australia flight, an engine fire leading to a Boeing plane needing to make an emergency landing and a SEPARATE plane vomiting story where 70 passengers got sick. This has all happened in the last month.

A version of this article originally appeared on Jalopnik.

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