June 23, 2024

Close-up of Tesla Motors logo against a bright blue sky in Pleasanton, California.

Close-up of Tesla Motors logo against a bright blue sky in Pleasanton, California.
Photo: Smith Collection/Gado (Getty Images)

Tesla is having more seat belt problems. The company is recalling more than 125,000 Models S, X, 3, and Y because their seat belt warnings aren’t lighting up and chiming like they’re supposed to, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said.

Tesla’s seat belt problems go way back. Just a little over one week ago, the Elon Musk-led electric vehicle maker finished fixing seat belts on 110,000 Model X vehicles after some detached while the cars’ owners were driving. The first complaints of that issue were recorded in early 2023.

And Tesla’s seat-belt woes are little to nothing next to its disastrous Autopilot problems. The company had to recall nearly 2 million of its EVs — basically every Tesla on the road in the U.S. — in 2023 over safety concerns. The company’s driver assistance technology is linked to 29 deaths and over 200 crashes in the U.S.

Tesla drivers had the worst accident rate in 2023, one study found, and the automaker’s recalls have only mounted in 2024. In fact, Tesla’s recalls are more far-reaching (in the U.S) than any automaker aside from Ford, with six in total affecting over 2.5 million vehicles. Its biggest recall in January affecting 2 million Tesla cars was due to its warning lights having too small of a font size, which the NHTSA says “can make critical safety information on the instruction panel difficult to read, increasing the risk of a crash.”

Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment on its most recent recall over safety belts issued May 30.

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