June 20, 2024

The Tesla Cybertruck’s launch has been far from smooth, to say the least. We’ve heard about the time a car wash bricked a Cybertruck, the frunk’s taste for fingers and that coolant leaks aren’t covered by the warranty even if you’ve only driven 35 miles since taking delivery. Those are all legitimate problems that anyone would be rightfully upset about experiencing, but the most concerning problem people appear to be having is with just how sharp the body panels can be. One new Cybertruck owner even ended up in the hospital after cutting his wrist during delivery.

Over on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum, user bdesign shared that their Cybertruck was finally ready for delivery. Unfortunately, when they went to pick it up, the truck was in “sloppy, sloppy condition at delivery.” The inside of the windshield was dirty and covered in some kind of film. “Body panels have some sort of splattery overspray on them that doesn’t wipe off – it just smears around.” Also, the hood was already covered in small rust spots, making some Barkeeper’s Friend a necessary purchase. Oh, and the rubber seal on the driver’s side of the tonneau cover was loose.

Those are all issues that would upset anyone who just spent $100,000 on a new car, but at the same time, that’s also pretty typical for a Cybertruck delivery. The same goes for when they were driving it later at about 60 mph and a panel in the bed fell off. You shouldn’t have to deal with that kind of stuff when buying a new car, but nothing is too out of the ordinary when you’re talking about the Cybertruck.

That said, we have yet to hear about a Cybertruck drawing blood before the customer has even left the parking lot:

Two of the Delivery/Advisor employees were with my wife and me as we walked around the truck inspecting it.

I noticed a little pit/divet or something on the tailgate.

I licked my left thumb, and tried to rub the spot to see if it was actually a divet or just some stray adhesive or something…

OUCH! Crap

I jerked my arm back and the employees chuckled jokingly saying this thing can be dangerous.

I, too, thought it was a little slice like a paper cut…

Until the blood started pouring.

A lot of blood…

Yep, the Cybertruck sliced his wrist right open. If you’re really curious, you can find the photo of the injury here, but trust us when we say you probably don’t want to click that link. It’s even marked with a spoiler tag on the original post because, well, a lot of people could really do without accidentally seeing a cut wrist before lunch.

The good news is, the two Tesla employees were able to get him cleaned up and bandaged well enough to complete the delivery process. A couple of hours later, though, he thought it had stopped bleeding enough to unwrap it. That proved to be a mistake. “I unwrapped my wrist and BOOM – spurts of blood all over the kitchen island…,” he wrote, “which leaves me here, at the ER.”

A version of this article originally appeared on Jalopnik.

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