June 23, 2024

Hyundai Santa Cruz

Photo: Hyundai

Most families can’t afford to buy a new car in the first place, much less a new car for a teen, but for those that can, it’s easy to understand why parents may be tempted to go that route instead of setting them loose in the cheapest still-running car they can find. You get better safety features, usually better fuel economy, much better reliability and a warranty to cover anything that goes wrong.

If you’re in that camp, the question is, what cars should you actually be looking at for your teen driver? Consumer Reports recently partnered with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety to come up with a list of new cars that performed well in CR’s testing, as well as in the IIHS’s crash tests. They also had to offer the most important safety equipment, strong brakes, intuitive controls, be easy to drive and cost less than $40,000.

So with those factors in mind, what 2024 models made Consumer Reports’ list of the best new cars for teen drivers? Click through to find out.

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