June 12, 2024

Nvidia sign in front of its headquarters

Nvidia headquarters on May 21, 2024 in Santa Clara, California.
Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)

Nvidia is known for being the world’s most valuable chip company — and its reputation now tops the list of America’s most visible brands, according to a new survey.

The chipmaker was ranked number one on the 2024 Axios Harris Poll 100, which assess the reputations of the 100 companies “most on the minds of Americans,” based on 20 years of Harris Poll research.

The pollsters first surveyed 6,273 Americans from Jan. 16 to 27, 2024 to gauge the awareness of companies which “either excel or falter in society,” according to each respondent’s opinion. Using these responses, the 100 “most visible” companies were decided. Next, a second online survey of 16,500 Americans from March 6 to 18, asked respondents which of the 100 brands they were familiar with, then asked them to rate two of those companies across nine categories to calculate the rankings. The third step involved asking another set of respondents a separate set of questions related to brands and politics in an online survey from May 10 to 19.

Nvidia ranked in the top ten across categories, including first for trajectory, culture, vision, and growth. It ranked second for products & services, fifth for character, sixth for citizenship, eighth for trust, and tenth for ethics.

The chipmaker recently beat Wall Street’s expectations in its first-quarter earnings for fiscal year 2025. Nvidia reported a record $26 billion revenue — up 262% from a year ago. Its revenue for the quarter ending April 28 was up 18% from the previous quarter’s revenue of $22 billion, which also beat expectations.

The company’s Hopper chips, which are essential for training and inferencing some of the world’s most powerful artificial intelligence models, drove Nvidia to become the first chipmaker to reach a $2 trillion market cap in February, and the third-most valuable company in the world in March.

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