May 30, 2024

An old photo of a group of five men working under the hood of a car while a woman holding a baby watches

A young woman with a child watches as a group of men under the open hood of a car as they work on its engine, Chicago, Illinois, 1970s. A can of gasoline and a pile of tools are visible on the road.`
Photo: Robert Natkin (Getty Images)

Tire swap,

Cabin filter,

Change fluids if needed,

Removing all the floor mats and cleaning all the nasty brown salt residue off of them,

same with the interior, vacuum, and clean everything out inside.

I want to learn how to decontaminate paint and have the exterior look super clean for summer, also to protect from bugs.

Winter tends to be quite harsh where I live, any way to remove salt of that stupidly fine dirt residue goes a long way.

As for waking up a car from hibernation, check all fluids / filters. change oil / filter. Check rubber components for leaks / wear.

check tires, battery health.

If possible, crank engine with fuel pump off to prime oil pressure, then fire it up

Submitted by: Frank Rosica Facebook

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