May 26, 2024

Disney is headquartered in California.

Disney is headquartered in California.
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The Walt Disney Company and Comcast are looking to recruit an investment firm that will help the companies finally decide the worth of Hulu, the streaming platform owned by Disney.

Reuters, citing anonymous sources with knowledge of the situation, said that the corporations are in the middle of deliberations regarding a financial advisor that can independently gauge Hulu’s value, in which Disney has a 33% stake.

Talks of the standalone appraisal come after financial firms J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley each provided Disney and Comcast with a valuation for Hulu, which were very far apart from each other, the publication added.

Since 2019, Disney has controlled and operated Hulu. In 2023, Disney said it would acquire the rest of Hulu in a $8.6 billion deal with Comcast. The deal gave the media giant a 33% stake in the streaming service.

In 2024, Disney added Hulu to Disney+, its subscription streaming service, in a bid to boost viewership.

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