May 28, 2024

Mercedes-AMG E63 Wagon

Photo: Mercedes-Benz

These are actually not that expensive to get into but for good reason. On my 2013 with 78k mi:

OIL IN THE ENGINE WIRING HARNESS + things ruined by said oil

Timing Cover Leak

Turbo Coolant Lines

Coolant Pipe at rear of engine

Rear Airmatic Issues

Catalytic Converters

Park Button Failure (As in you can’t put it into ‘Park’)

Seat Release Handles that make the wagon part useful constantly break

MCT Transmission feels like it is broken at city speeds (but that’s just how it is)

It tricks you into not giving up with that glorious V8 noise and brutal performance.

That said, I stuck around as long as I could and gave up late last year. Once my mechanic told me that the oil in the wiring harness was likely a cyclical maintenance item I was out.

You are literally so strong for dealing with all of these faults. Though, I’m sure it’s worth it to have a huge V8 and tons of room for all your s—.

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