April 20, 2024

Disney CEO Bob Iger

Bob Iger’s current contract with Disney ends in 2026.
Image: Hannah McKay (Reuters)

Now that Disney has prevailed in its months-long and expensive proxy battle with activist investor Nelson Peltz, some investors will be eager to see the media giant take steps to ensure a successful transfer of power CEO Bob Iger steps down in 2026.

Disney succession plans had become a major sticking point in the fight. One of Peltz’s goals, had he been elected to the company’s board, was to complete a successful CEO succession. He had criticized Disney’s failed attempt at replacing Iger. Just a year after retiring, Iger returned to the company in 2022 to serve what was supposed to be a two-year term. He is now expected to leave the company in 2026. 

Here are some of the top contenders in the running to succeeded him.

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