April 15, 2024

Subway is making the switch in January 2025.

Subway is making the switch in January 2025.
Image: Reuters (Reuters)

Subway is moving on from Coca-Cola.

The sandwich chain said it has reached an agreement to make PepsiCo its exclusive beverage provider across all of its U.S. restaurants beginning Jan. 1, 2025, the company said Tuesday.

Doug Fry, president of Subway, North America, said that the partnership with PepsiCo is an “exciting milestone” in the company’s journey. Moreover, it provides “cost-effective, streamlined solutions” to its franchisees, he added.

Under the 10-year contract, PepsiCo will provide an assortment of its beverages such as Pepsi, Mtn Dew, Starry (formerly known as Sierra Mist), as well as Gatorade.

As new beginnings come to fruition, it means Coca-Cola’s partnership with Subway will slowly die off.

Coca-Cola brands such as Sprite, Fanta, and Diet Coke will start to vanish from Subways nationwide come January 2025.

Subway plans to replace its Coca-Cola beverage offerings with Pepsi at its restaurants over the course of several months, the company said.

Subway also said it is extending its partnership with PepsiCo’s snack food subsidiary Frito-Lay through 2030, to continue providing chips and snacks at its restaurants.

PepsiCo is currently Subway’s beverage provider in several regions around the world, including Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands.

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