April 15, 2024

Among other things, AI chipmaking giant Nvidia is predicted to unveil an all-new chip at its flagship annual event this week.

CEO Jensen Huang will take the stage at the chipmaker’s GPU Technology Conference (or GTC) to deliver the keynote address Monday. While there, Huang is expected to announce the next generation of the company’s H100 chip — the B100, which is rumored to be Nvidia’s first multi-die chip, meaning it’s a large design partitioned into smaller pieces. If so, the chip is expected to be even more powerful than its predecessor.

Microsoft and Meta are currently the largest customers of the H100 chip, with both tech giants spending $9 billion on the chips in 2023. Google parent Alphabet, Amazon, and Oracle were also top spenders on the chips last year. But the frenzy over Nvidia’s H100 chips has worried some companies over shortages, and competitors keen to stay ahead in the AI race have started building their own versions of the chips: Amazon has worked on two chips called Inferentia and Tranium, while Google has been working on its Tensor Processing Units.

Only time will tell if the chip will be revealed — and what it will be able to do.

Huang’s keynote is expected to begin at 1 p.m. PT (4 p.m. ET) and run for approximately two hours. Watch it live below:

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