April 15, 2024

UpFront Plus seating will only apply to one passenger, per flight.

UpFront Plus seating will only apply to one passenger, per flight.
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Frontier Airlines is taking traveling on a budget to new heights.

The ultra-low-cost airline company said in a statement that it is offering customers a new flight perk: an open middle seat.

The upgraded seating option, which Frontier has dubbed UpFront Plus seating, will only apply to the first two rows of its aircrafts. Customers in UpFront Plus will be assigned a window or aisle seat that will also have extra legroom.

What does UpFront Plus include?

  • A blocked middle seat (meaning more elbow room)
  • Extra legroom
  • A quick exit
  • Immediate inflight service (because passengers are at the front of the plane)

How much does UpFront Plus cost?

Staying true to its budget ways, Denver-based Frontier is offering an introductory offer window.

UpFront Plus seats will be priced at $49 for flights booked on March 20, and only apply for travel between April 10 and 30. Afterwards, prices may increase, but the company did not clearly detail this in its statement.

Reservations, which are only per passenger, will need to be made on Frontier’s mobile app or via FlyFrontier.com, the company said.

Barry Biffle, Frontier’s chief executive officer, said the company wants to give customers flexibility that best fits their individual travel needs. UpFront Plus is “a great option for those who want expanded personal space and extra comfort,” he added.

In total, Frontier offers four seating options, which include UpFront Plus, Premium, Preferred, and Standard.

Budget-friendly airline competitor Spirit Airlines offers a different version of revamped seating, which it has coined as the “Big Front Seat,” essentially a larger seat with additional legroom.

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