April 20, 2024

Image for article titled The guy who crashed his Telsa Cybertruck into the Beverly Hills Hotel sign bought it just hours earlier

Screenshot: @LosAngeles_Scan

A Tesla Cybertruck crash into the Beverly Hills Hotel sign on Monday. The whole thing seemed like a messy event and, after some finger-pointing and speculation, it looks like we now know who the real owner of the truck is and who likely crashed it; A rapper you’ve probably never heard of.

The hip-hop site XXL revealed the owner of the Cybertruck and its driver as 2Rare, a 23-year-old rapper from Philadelphia.

The whole incident has been a mess from the start. Initial reports about the crash seemed to point a finger at a valet of the Beverly Hills Hotel. Then someone on Twitter claimed their friend was the owner of the truck and reached out to Elon Musk directly for help on getting a new one. Musk actually responded, with a statement that pretty much went along with blaming a valet. “Cyberbeast is faster than a Porsche 911, but looks like a truck, so perhaps the valet wasn’t expecting so much acceleration,” he said in a tweet.

But none of that was the case. 2Rare — whose real name is Naseem Young — had just picked up the truck mere hours before the crash. A post on Instagram shows him posing with and showing the truck off by driving fast on LA streets. Just a few hours later, the truck was wrecked mess at the sign of the Beverly Hills Hotel.

In another post that became the main video everyone saw of the crashed truck, 2Rare made another post on Instagram pretty much taking responsibility for the crash. “Iknoo i F#^ked that money upp yall iknoo” the Instagram post caption read.

What’s still not clear in all of this is just how the hell the crash happened. XXL and other hip-hop news sites have reached out to his team for comment but they’ve been quiet. None of this should be surprising though; A young dude with way more money than sense gets a hold of a powerful electric truck, something like this was bound to happen.

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