February 21, 2024

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Australia is on track to pass a bill that includes giving employees the “right to disconnect” by declining calls from their employers outside of work hours.

The Fair Work Legislation Amendment Act of 2023, also called the “closing loopholes” bill, amends Australia’s Fair Work Act of 2009, and impacts workplace relations laws—and would even include temporary employees in its scope.

Under the proposed bill, employers who contact employees after hours could potentially face fines, and “employees are not required to monitor, read or respond to work communications from their employer outside of work hours.”

“What we are simply saying is that someone who isn’t being paid 24 hours a day shouldn’t be penalized if they’re not online and available 24 hours a day,” Australian prime minister Anthony Albanese said last week. Read more about the change in Quartz’s full story.

Five things we learned this week

Inflation could go down if wage growth isn’t too robust. Fed governor Adriana D. Kugler zeroed in on service worker wages as one area where higher labor costs are leading to higher prices.

Layoffs are plaguing the healthcare industry, too. Job cuts in US healthcare last year totaled nearly 60,000, up more than 90% from 2022—only two other industries saw more.

The job market for American athletes and coaches is growing. In fact, sports-related occupations will grow three times as much as other industries on average, the US government said.

Black businesspeople throughout US history were entrepreneurs long before entrepreneurship became a cottage industry. Quartz compiled a list of names you probably didn’t learn about in history class.

A TikTok exec sued the company, saying its leader thinks women should “always remain humble.” The lawsuit by a former marketing executive claims ByteDance’s chairman terminated her because she “lacked the docility and meekness” required of women.

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