February 28, 2024

At least 110 million people are expected to tune in to next weekend’s Super Bowl 2024, taking place Sunday (Feb. 11) in Las Vegas. Last year’s game was the most watched telecast in US history at 115.1 million viewers, over a third of the US population.

This year, as viewers watch the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers and Usher perform during half-time, brands taking advantage of this huge captive audience are estimated to have paid some hefty prices.

The game will see the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers compete for the trophy and Usher perform during the half-time show.

A 30-second spot at this year’s game cost about $7 million, AdAge reported. Though this year’s figure is similar to 2023’s price tag, it still represents an increase of 75% from a decade ago and over 200% from 20 years ago.

A 30-second Super Bowl ad cost $4 million in 2014 and $2.3 milion in 2004, according USA Today’s Ad Meter.

What viewers can expect

On Thursday (Feb. 1), CBS Sports chair Sean McManus said on a media call that all of the ad inventory has been sold out for both its CBS and Nickelodeon telecasts of the game. And brands are already starting to tease viewers with what they can expect to see on Sunday night.

Some highlights include Arnold Schwarzenegger in a State Farm ad, Kris Kardashian promoting Oreos, and Jenna Ortega appearing in a Doritos commercial.

Also, Coors Light is bringing back its iconic Silver Bullet train after a 12-year hiatus from its commercials.

A Taylor Swift boost?

Viewers are undoubtedly going to hear Taylor Swift come up throughout the game. Since the popstar started dating Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce last year, the couple has generated $331.5 million in brand value for the Chiefs and the NFL, according to a recent report.

Her expected attendance at the Superbowl could potentially boost viewership even higher. When Swift started attending Chiefs games regular season games averaged 17.9 million viewers, up 7% from last year, the Sports Business Journal reported. The NFL also had its best female viewership this season since 2000, according to the outlet.

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