May 21, 2024

To confront the climate crisis, we need reliable information – informed journalism, fearless reporting and trustworthy interpretation. A publication that recognizes the power of grassroots movements, activism and climate organizations in changing the world. An informed and engaged public to be able to take on the unprecedented challenge of the climate emergency. That’s why we need the Guardian.

The Guardian is different. Those differences make it a better news organization when it comes to the climate, including this crucial difference: it doesn’t take money from fossil fuel companies for advertisements, so it’s not running climate stories alongside climate lies from the top destroyers.

The Guardian is different because it covers the climate crisis in detail, in all parts of the world, with top journalism and thoughtful commentary. And while many news organizations have stepped up their climate coverage in recent years, the Guardian led the way in taking the crisis seriously and is still, arguably, the only outlet that truly recognizes the urgency of this moment.

The Guardian is different because it is truly independent. It doesn’t belong to a conglomerate, a media tycoon or Wall Street shareholders; it belongs to a trust whose mission is that independence and the good journalism that results.

As someone who’s long written for it – and for a number of leading US publications – I know firsthand how the Guardian is different. The Guardian is different because it doesn’t play the both-sides game that commits so many US publications to creating the illusion of symmetry, neutrality and fairness by downplaying the actuality of a corrupted Republican party and a fossil fuel industry bent on destroying the world for quarterly returns. It doesn’t try and rein in its writers to make them fit a house ideology. That difference will be essential as we head into 2024, an election year that could have huge implications for how the US approaches the climate crisis.

The Guardian is different because it was founded more than 200 years ago as a progressive, labor-supporting publication, one whose fairness consisted in being honest and open about its stance. It is still that place.

The Guardian is different in that, with its commitment to making important and accurate information universally available, it has no paywall, but instead depends on readers’ support.

May the Guardian remain different and do its good work for another 200 years.

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